Save Me(A kendrick lamar love story)

Nicole just turned 17 over the summer. She was having a great time. Well that was earlier in the summer. 5 days before school starts again, a murder had happened. But, it was in her house...Her family. Now she is completely lost in her life,she lives with her auntie,& now she has to see a psycologist. Well atleast she has some friends... Lilly,Mytai,Rih,Tiyuana,Bree,& Abbigale. They've all been friends since the 1st grade. But now since they are older,with boyfriends, things are starting to change. Well lets get back on track: Her psycologist, Dr. Lamar(kendrick lamar) .. he wants to help her, he see's something special in her, he (or they) may even fall inlove. Also dr. lamar has a sister nicole's age named Kendra, & after kendra found out nicole was getting a little too close to kendrick, she isnt okay with nicole seeing her brother...NOT AT ALL..!! But wait thats not all, Nicole has a boyfriend he goes by lil twist.. and he is not anyone to mess with. He's been to jail 5 times for drug dealing. And nicole still loves him. He doesnt hurt her, or so she thought. ~ <Ps ... This is based off of my friend nicole> But of course fictional
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you made a spelling mistake...its says *she shits the door...* when shut the door? :D just saying, but im loving the story! xxx
mat i re-write that comment...the 1st chapter reminds me of a movie...OMG ITS PROM NIGHT OR SUMMAT!
the part finding her brother and the baseball business reminds me of a movie...!!!lol great story though,please keep updating. xxxxxx

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