To Mend The Broken Heart (Snape/Student Love Story)

Sixth year Claudinia Narissa Vitrosis is an outcast. A loner. She lacks the courage to stand up and speak for herself... Well, speak period. She never talks, due to her pureblood wizard fathers abuse. The words 'I Will Not Speak' inscribed into her hand remind her of this every day. But what will happen when she askes Professor Severus Snape, potions master and the bravest and most frightening person Claudinia knows, for lessons on how to stand up and speak up for herself when bullied? They will find how much they have in common, and how little they really know about each other. Severus Snape will find himself helping Claudinia become the brave person she has always aspired to be, and Claudinia will find herself mending the heart of a broken, misinderstood man in ways neither of them ever imagined.
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Hey! You wouldn't hang out with her, who else should she  hang out with?! Mr. POTATOES POTATOES POTATOES POTATOES POTATOES POTATOES?!?
nyaa~ sorry~ I didn't know I was practically spamming you! I wasn't being a prick! I just tend to notice it! Sorry!
Is your second book out yet?! Cause I need it!!! This was one of the best I've read!!
I absolutely love this book... I even cried at some parts... Just wondered is there a sequel or will there be?
@HaeleyWilliamson Holy crap-a-moley!  You must have a lot of patience to type this up on the I-phone then.  Good job. This song describes this book sooo much!

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