In Between Two Alphas

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Olga Guevara By xXdemolitionloverXx Completed
Cassidy moved into a new town when she turned 16 because her parents feared that living in the city would uncover her secret. In no time, she gets involved in the rivalry between Layton and Zeverus. 
    The Problem: Layton and Zeverus hate each other and are from rival werewolf packs. Cassidy doesn’t know what they are. She notices that Layton, Zeverus and their friends are secretive and probably hiding something. While trying to uncover what is happening with the two guys, keeping her friendship with Zeverus, and holding a strange relationship with Layton- Cassidy gets stuck in between two Alphas.
My old art teacher was 74 with a thirteen year old child....
What fûcking school do they go to? Cheesecake? Dr. Pepper? My school food sucks
guys i just gave you the next big pickup line YOURE WELCOMEe
if i ever said that they'd look at me like im some dumb bimbo THIS IS WHY I NEED FICTIONAL CHARACTERS TO EXIST
but... but...... we're still weak !! *waits for my werewolf mate to appear*
He's Dylan,is this a mistake or are they supposed to look the same