Cruel Intentions

Copyright © 2012 Sequel to Revenge Never Tasted So Sweet. Lies, Deception, Misunderstandings, but most importantly: Revenge. After a few months spent in a coma, Liv comes to find that everything she went through was for nothing, and that in fact Maverick still walks a free man. Though her plans are set back due to her critical injuries, that doesnt mean things are about to settle down. With a new hot headed Irish Calculus teacher on her back, a blast from her recent past whom she thought was pronounced dead is now haunting her, and an organization that keeps popping up, threatening her and her loved ones; this year will be anything but subtle. have i mentioned a new fighter in the city is challenging her throne; Good luck Liv.
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Plz let this story have an happy ending if it don't I might cry my self to sleep
"If this is where people go when they died, then I want a refund." Best. Line. Ever.
Please update...i havent started reading this one yet but i read the first one and it was amazing..update soon!PLEAZ! PLEAZ
Please finish this story! I have had an obsession with it ever since I started reading it. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeee finish it!!!!!!!!
I read the first word, "beep," and almost got up to do a happy dance. I knew it! I knew she couldn't be dead!  :D

Great chapter!  :D
Ahh! I knew she couldn't be dead, but I was still worried for a second. She still has to find that Dashkov guy and what not so yay! Liv is alive!

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