Cruel Intentions

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Julia_Eats_World By Julia_Eats_World Updated 2 months ago
Copyright © 2012 Sequel to Revenge Never Tasted So Sweet. Lies, Deception, Misunderstandings, but most importantly: Revenge.  After a few months spent in a coma, Liv comes to find that everything she went through was for nothing, and that in fact Maverick still walks a free man. Though her plans are set back due to her critical injuries, that doesnt mean things are about to settle down. With a new hot headed Irish Calculus teacher on her back, a blast from her recent past whom she thought was pronounced dead is now haunting her, and an organization that keeps popping up, threatening her and her loved ones; this year will be anything but subtle. have i mentioned a new fighter in the city is challenging her throne; Good luck Liv.
lyds1177 lyds1177 11 months ago
mylifeisaplay mylifeisaplay a year ago
I love how you write and bold things. It makes reading it better.
jclovely jclovely a year ago
Plz let this story have an happy ending if it don't I might cry my self to sleep
AmandaSchmitz9 AmandaSchmitz9 a year ago
Omg!!!!! Thank u thank u for doing another yet awesome book!!!
HeatherZock7 HeatherZock7 2 years ago
Ya I am so excited I was sad I didn't think there was a sequel my sister read the first book and that's how I found out about it she said there was another one but could never find it so happy:)
RachelJessie RachelJessie 2 years ago
"If this is where people go when they died, then I want a refund." Best. Line. Ever.