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Lady Daphiera 'Daphne' Ridgemond and Lord Daemon Klinton - Duke of Ashford - are NOT about to become the school's number 1 couple. They hate each other... or at least he does. He thinks she is an ugly nerd. So what happens when Daemon rejects her after she tells him what she feels? She runs away to live with her cousin. Because really... what else is the daughter of an earl going to do? Now, three years later she's back for senior year. Gone is the shy, bookish girl with the green eyes and (dyed) mousy brown hair. In her place is the new and improved Daphne. Gone are her fake glasses, her formerly brown hair is now back to its original blonde, only with electric blue highlights. No longer is she shy and bookish... no, now she goes by Daphne Prince, a major name in hollywood - she is confident and beautiful. And she plans on getting revenge. Flanked by her cousin Cassie Morgan - the daughter of celeb designer Michael Farelli and interior designer Kylie Morgan and her co-star Blake Jordan, whose dad is a share holder at Lamborghini, she quickly climbs the social ladder in order to make Daemon pay.
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