Stop Judging Me (Old Version)

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(This is currently being rewritten. If you wish to read it, you can but I'd much rather you check out the newer version. It's much better.)
    Jack Harris has been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder since he was fourteen. He never leaves the house, he never speaks with anyone other than his parents. All his life, he has been homeschooled and sheltered from the outside world. Everything changes when his parents decide to send him to a public high school. What's a nervous guy like Jack to do when he meet's 'him'?
Oh okay, he's in 5th grade, which is the last year of elementary school in most places in America. Middle school is 6th-8th grade, and high school is 9th-12th. Thanks!
Awkward american here, anyone want to explain what year five is?
Lol I used to say that. I still do, but I accept that I have it
If he dies at the end if this story I'm going to breakdown sobbing
i feel like that alot sometimes. i dont have it as bad as him though. i just hate walking on the street alone cuz then i have nothing to distract me from the feeling that they're watching and judging me. i always walk with my head down to. i understand how he feels
Wow this is good! I'm glad she stuck up for him. She didn't have to do that.