The Perfect Ten

What would you do if all you had ever known came crashing down? That's the question that plagues young Ryder, as she uncovers several insidious plots and must decide who she can trust and fast. Should she trust her second in command, Blade? Or the new recruit, Nick Cobbs? Can Ryder decide in whom to place her trust, before it's too late? Will Ryder be brought down or will she fool them all? And, as the past begins to haunt the future, who will make it out alive? A/N It is completely unedited.
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I love Ryder's aditude! She's so spunky and she makes sure everybody knows she's boos around here. You're a good author.
Ryder is so awesome! I love her character, I wish I was more like her. She reminds me kind of Natasha Romanoff from The Avengers.......etc
Ah, no; that\'s wrong, or, at least, only half correct. You also use the comma when you indicate who spoke e.g \"I am in here[,]\" [s]aid Joseph. Hope I helped.
That was so sad!!!! But so good!! I love books that can change my emotions ( I deff cried when the mom did)
lol I loved this chapter. I liked how she easily killed a man. nick seems to be a shady guy and yes, imagining him as ian somerhalder is perfect!
This is a nice start, if it wasn't written as perfectly as it is, people would have found it tooo much informative, but you nailed it:)))

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