Locker 161 // au (Completed)

Can a dark mystery bring two people together, or will truth rip them apart? Finley Aims is a new student, she is a blank slate based on how she was raised in an isolated environment with her parents, who are bright research scientists. She tries to navigate her life after being pulled from the only place she ever knew, struggling with an extreme stutter from shyness. Everything gets worse when the town’s ‘It’ boy tries to take advantage. But the boy who was labeled a freak, a boy she was warned countless times about, saves her. The most unusual friendship between two people who don’t want, or know how to make friends begins, and maybe even more between them. Soon a dark mystery erupts. Finley and Harry begin an intense emotional journey, taking on Harry’s deceased father’s scavenger hunt that he left behind for his son. The truth is going to come out. Will Harry Styles be able to handle it? It will all begin with locker 161. If you're looking for a unique story about Harry Styles, this is the one for you. Also, the trailer, that was made by SaraIssa12, you see Hayden Panettiere as Finley. We talked and weren't too sure who to use for the trailer. That's not 100% how I picture her so just go by your own judgement. I hope you read this story! © 2013, writetospeak. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THIS WORK CONTAINS MATERIAL PROTECTED UNDER INTERNATIONAL AND FEDERAL COPYRIGHT LAWS AND TREATIES. NO PART OF THIS WORK MAY BE REPRODUCED OR TRANSMITTED IN ANY FORM OR BY ANY MEANS WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM writetospeak
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@britt_waggoner The person in the story stutters. So it will he written like this... 'I t-t-think so.'
I just read the mogul and oh my god you are a fantastic author. I'm excited to read this :D
You probably get this a lot, but would you read Bitten, my story? It would mean a lot! Thanks
I'm excited to start reading these two stories.  I have read several other of your stories so I bet these will be just as good.
Locker 161 and the continuation were the best books I have ever read in my whole life. It's better than that book After.
I've already read it once,but I'm going to read it again now! It's so amazing and beautiful :3 the second book is brilliant too :3 :)

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