Preciously Mine {EDITING}

Life was great for ms popular kahlan carter until her mate,ryder, rejected her on his birthday and humiliate her in front of the whole pack. So she ran away to europe for 3 years until her mother called to ask her to come back as her father had a heart attack. Now that she is back. What will she do ? Forgive him or not or will fate have other plans ?
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I like it, but the main character seems a bit too egotistical - not a good trait to have, good work though, next chapter :)
how do you pronounce her name? and I don't have much to say except awww! 
And maybe add more detail about her feelings?
Aww i feel bad for her, hope he'll relieze his mistake:P
Everythings pretty good so far<3
@zefang Will do. Maybe you can check out my first attempt at a wolf story. It's called "Twisted Chase." :)
sorry, i hate the beginning, she goes on about how shes so great and how everyone loves her blahhhhh. but i love teh chemistry between her and jace
Like i said on the previous one. Dont used () a lot. Just make it into a sentences and dont go to fast, add morr detail.

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