Saving Marzia (Pewdiepie fanfic)

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Time_Lordess By Time_Lordess Completed
Felix Kjellberg (aka Pewdiepie) and Marzia, his long time girlfriend, end up getting separated in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. Will Felix be able to get his shit together and go find Marzia before its to late or will he panic and screw up? This isn't a video game Bros. This is life or death.
DannyTheDisaster DannyTheDisaster 19 days ago
Because a pipe (pipé) was a character in one of his series.
chelseamurray02 chelseamurray02 a month ago
its awesome you put that there. my bestie was going to write a book like this intill i showed her the Copyright sign
boohooi1 boohooi1 4 months ago
Felix has a disability God, He cannot pull his Shït together. Marzia is the one who has to be like "shut up, felix."