Saving Marzia (Pewdiepie fanfic)

Felix Kjellberg (aka Pewdiepie) and Marzia, his long time girlfriend, end up getting separated in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. Will Felix be able to get his shit together and go find Marzia before its to late or will he panic and screw up? This isn't a video game Bros. This is life or death.
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This sounds like a awesome story. My friend showed me it and I've been hooked on it... BROFIST!
Fist off *Brofist* to you too my good Bro. Second, i get the feeling that after this apocalypse, Pewds is gonna need some heavy cat therapy.
You...are...AWESOME!!! Love it :"D so sad that its gonna end soon, but im so glad that i get to read this wonderful adventure :") anyways, awesome story! :D
hey guys just wanted to say hi awesome story and i made a fanfic myself first story cheek it out and tell me what u think 
i will be having a new story 2
Plz help I'm making a story but how do I make a new page plz help I'm using a andriod
Im sorry about me self advertising yesterday i guess i was jelous of how many reads you had and i have only been on hear for two days now anyway sorry xx :3

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