For All Eternity (Crescent Moon series, book 2)

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Teresa By Teresa Completed
Sequel to Beyond the Last Beat of My Heart
Ok here's the deal. I really wanna read this book but I can't find the first one to read. Can u tell me where it's at r if someone else wrote it. Maybe u took it off watt pad to publish it.
I would definitely buy ths book you are doing a great job and I've only read chapter one I love the way you  ended book 1 and still kept her in it..
Plz let the next book b in his pov still. It's more exciting than in her pov.
hahahaha loved this chapter. It was so great, cant wait for more
OMG, this is so sad. He's such an abusive person, Mckayla shouldn't let him get away with it that easily.
Ok il be honest. Cried my eyes out at the end of beyond the last beat of my heart. But love this opening!