For All Eternity (Crescent Moon series, book 2)

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LilT1980 By LilT1980 Completed
Sequel to Beyond the Last Beat of My Heart
SonyaReeves SonyaReeves 2 years ago
Ok here's the deal. I really wanna read this book but I can't find the first one to read. Can u tell me where it's at r if someone else wrote it. Maybe u took it off watt pad to publish it.
JessicaGrigsby JessicaGrigsby 3 years ago
I would definitely buy ths book you are doing a great job and I've only read chapter one I love the way you  ended book 1 and still kept her in it..
twilght4ever twilght4ever 3 years ago
Plz let the next book b in his pov still. It's more exciting than in her pov.
romolavinia91 romolavinia91 3 years ago
hahahaha loved this chapter. It was so great, cant wait for more
twilght4ever twilght4ever 3 years ago
OMG, this is so sad. He's such an abusive person, Mckayla shouldn't let him get away with it that easily.
MissWard MissWard 3 years ago
Ok il be honest. Cried my eyes out at the end of beyond the last beat of my heart. But love this opening!