16 & Pregnant

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just a writer's tip, type and save stories on office 365 online, it self saves for you and you can work on it from any computer to copy and paste it into wattpad
@forever_alone171 can you give me a soft copies of this stories
@forever_alone171 I loved your book about Cass and Quinton! thanks so much for writing this book to!!
I really love your stories so much & I read the whole 9 chapters In just few hours but please can you update soon it's very good story
Yes i finished reading your original book which is also called 16& pregnant, and yeah, i read it like 3 times already and when im about to read it again, it got deleted tho. 
Sorry to hear about your book being deleted I loved it I read it once well maybe twice but I must have deleted so I have been doing for it for months because I want to read it again but I hope this book is as amazing