16 & Pregnant

Destiny Evans isn’t the most popular or well-known girl at Woodville High. Just like every other girl in her school, she has a major crush on Cameron Owen’s. The school’s IT boy. Unlike Cameron, he knows nothing of her even though they both share the same History class. Destiny is going to overhear a group of girls talking about a party Cameron is going to be hosting. Like the love struck teen she is over him, she decides that, that’s going to be her one and only chance to actually get him to notice her, even though she wasn’t invited and when she does go. Let’s just say that’s when her life story begins…
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@forever_alone171 I loved your book about Cass and Quinton! thanks so much for writing this book to!!
I really love your stories so much & I read the whole 9 chapters In just few hours but please can you update soon it's very good story
oh my gosh! that's so sad! that was one if my favorite story's! Aww.. I'm really sad now.. :'/
Do u need or want a video about this on YouTube ??? If so message me on here or kik : rhiannon_horan123 xxxx
what the hell?!
that's not your book,gurl!
@bright_lady001 is the true author!

omfg,you're such a fucking plagiarist!
Can you put pictures again i would really like to see cameron...and his parents!!!   #lovethemsomuch#quinton&Cassandra

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