THE SILVER EYED PRINCE ( Highest Royal Coven of Europe 1, Unedited Preview only)

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VJDunraven By VJDunraven Completed
Do you believe in destiny? 
Elizabeth Hamilton certainly doesn't--until she met the dashing Prince William Erik XIV. 
The handsome, but arrogantly annoying prince pursued her in spite of the disparity in their social status.
Against her better judgment, she found she couldn't resist falling for him. After all, why would the sole heir to the throne be interested in a nobody like her?
And just when she thought he sincerely loved her, his real intentions were revealed, plunging her life into chaos and breaking her heart in the process.

NOTE: **This is an unedited draft preview up to chapter 36 ONLY. The Silver Eyed Prince is a complete novel of 66 chapters and the true version has been published and is available in bookstores in Canada and the USA in 2014. For International inquiries on where to buy the book, please send a message to the administrators of VJ Dunraven Philippines on facebook. **
darkrebel444 darkrebel444 3 months ago
I wanted to order this book from my local library but you need the authors name for it. Can you tell me it?
RoryHunty RoryHunty 6 months ago
Lol no but the month and date is the same... If I was born in 2011 I would be 3 years old. Imagine a 3 year old on wattpad....
theeternalscribe theeternalscribe 9 months ago
I love it.  He's all expected to be punished and he's about to get what he wanted!
XxMissDeexX XxMissDeexX a year ago
Please please please please please put this book on iTunes so I can read the rest of it! Would be much appreciated by me and others!!!
DianaRonquillo DianaRonquillo a year ago really hooked up in this story and ive been reading it till midnight thru wattpad.but im kinda disappointed that i cant read some of the chapters?pls help me on how can i fully read it.i really love your story.
spiderman871 spiderman871 a year ago
Liked the trailer. The comments are poeitive. 
I should start reading now. :)