Dangerous Liaisons [Sterek]

A Sterek fiction. BoyxBoy. When Derek realises that Stiles has become a trigger for him he tries to stay away. He knows that waiting until it passes is the best thing for both of them, but after being forced to stay together in a pool for hours Derek can't help but seek Stiles out. Little does he know that he is stirring something in both of them that they didn't even know existed. Warning: This story does contain smut.
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Am I the only one who thinks you shouldn't comment on porn? Because you shouldn't. I'm p sure that shits in the bro code.
what the actual phuck you can't do that to people Derek you start something you better finish it or them *wink wink*
SCISSAC! I love ur Scissac sequel to this! And I also love this book. My gay teen wolf OTP couple is Scisaac.
@adoringtheirish When they make an episode like this, I'll watch it EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!
@escapeinthepages You my friend are the greatest human to ever walk this earth for that comment! I love you so much right now! Hahaha lol
OMG both of my husbands asdfghjkl.....awesome sterek fan-fic love it already and just started reading! ^_^

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