Okay So...Did You Have to Reject Me Infront of Everyone?

If it's one thing I've learned from my mate, its that men are dogs. And if being a werewolf justifies that, then I'll rephrase Men are bastards
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@NhuHuynh I agree with you! NEVER COME BACK! Ugh guys like that deserve to get their balls chopped off! I personally can do it for her, if she wants xD
Hon, I really do like the concept of the story but if you ever need help editing I can help...I'm not the best writer ever but I can try to help xD
leave and NEVER come back!!! I mean like NEVER, EVER come bback in his arm, no matter how tempting that is, in fact just give her another mate!!!!
Yes upload. Maybe she will ran away and come back in few year and grant will beg her to go back ah she can rejects him front of everyone

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