Okay So...Did You Have to Reject Me Infront of Everyone?

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Gracie Samuel By SmartyPance98 Updated 6 months ago
If it's one thing I've learned from my mate, its that men are dogs. And if being a werewolf justifies that, then I'll rephrase    Men are bastards
It is a good story- but:
- i would take out the .................. you only need ... plus the mean you have paused not dragged out the sentence. You really need to edit this too.

good plot and it is interesting. 

Good Luck & God's favour on your book!
Hey! Quick note to you: When you are using "..." it's perfectly fine to use them, but they are called an ellipsis and are normally used only three at a time. So instead of having ............... a ton of them, I would only use three ... 
It will get your point across just as strongly!
- Raq