Your Innocence is like Poison (GirlxGirl) [On a serious hold]

ATTENCCION!!!! THIS IS A GIRLXGIRL IF U DON"T LIKE IT-what the hell am I saying u know u love it ;) Anyhow...El and B had been the best of frens both had been to hell and back doing the craziest of shit, but what happens when El starts to distance herself from B after finding out she might have feelings for her but then feels betrayed when B leaves her? 5yrs later B returns but has no recollection of El what happens when El uses this as a fresh start for her to claim B as her's? Ignoring the fact that she is also str8. YES YES YES IK IK I STILL SUCK AT SUMMARY SO FUCK U!!! >:P
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I really hope the story is better then the summary lol :) nah im sure itll be good.
Can't wait till the first chapter. 
And you did fine on tour story 
As ing as you get your point across right?
Lol :)

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