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One Prophecy. One Curse. And One Hit List. Every century, a beast from the underworld is said to break free, awakening within a single human body to help accomplish whatever task at hand. April Reeds is their new puppet. They plan to use her to terminate 7 different people who have narrowly avoided death, back to where they belong. But this time they've underestimated their victim.
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Damn... that's some creepy shit, pri o.O wonder what you DO when you're alone *shudders*
Love the book cover and the banner

I love it

And it's so good chapter

Love the song

Can't wait to read more of this story. And please update soon :) xx
Omg! That boy is so strange. Poor April :(

Also the banner is so scary

I love it 

And it's so good :)
Hi there. I love it and it's so good

Also I am fan of horror sto rise more than movies :D xx
post sonnnn.... who this is friggen amazing!!!! love this and thanks for the dedication!!!!!=)
nawww!! please dont let him be like that! O-O im sowwwiii i wont spam him 'here' anymore!! T^T ill go and spam on ur profile~! *hugs and then runs away*

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