Letting You Go Was The Hardest Thing

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Sheena By Sheena Updated 3 years ago
It was hard for Charlotte to let go of her best friend, Dalton, the boy she fell in love since she was nine years old, to make way for her sister, Caroline, who happens to be in love with him too. It was hard for her but in order to make someone happy, even if it meant sacrificing her own, she was willing to let go.

It all happened around her senior year, where she let go the only thing that mattered to her and after graduation, she moved away with no intention of going back.

Four years later, on her college graduation day, her parents asked rather demanded her to come home with a reason that shocked her senseless.
nooo.. I can't wait to get to the part where she goes home. if they haven't seen another on years wonder what feelings are still there. hmm
Wow, this makes me grateful that my sisters are like 8 years younger than me. And that me crush (best friend) is the same age as me. Phew
this story is getting depressing chapter by chapter...!!!!
I can't take It anymore..!!
.nu uh
.still nope!!!!
Wait what? I wasn't trying to sound rude, in fact I was only saying that because I knew I would probably end up crying after reading the rest, which I did. Plus I would never be that rude to someone whose brave enough to post their stories.
well dont then, but at least be discreet about it, do you know how rude you sound???
I'm sorry if I seem selfish, but ummmm just because my 16 year old sister likes the guy that I met first and have been friends with him for 8 years does not mean I'm gonna give him up, she can get over it.