Demitra Watson is your average teenager.  Scratch that, she has major issues.  She cuts, she is bulimic and anorexic, her step father beats her on occasion, and she was sexually abused at the age of eleven.  Now, five years later, she is still struggling to overcome the memories. Her family has pretty much abandoned her in this hard time, when she needs them most. Things get so bad, she begins to think of taking her own life.  That way all the pain would be gone.  No more hurt or sadness.  No more confusion.  And, worst of all, no more not feeling loved.  Can she find the one thing that can save her in time?  Can she find it before all hell breaks loose?
I just read the description and already voted... Feel special<3
This is amazing! And it hits home, because I am currently battling with self harm, depression, anorexia, and bulimia.
i love this story so much and i just started reading it randomly like without reading the description and i love the way you write <3
I really love this story i cried most of time reading out of the stories i read on here i can truly say this the best i would love for u to write a sequel to it!!
Ive read so many stories on here but i have to tell u i loved this one so much. It made me actually cry because many people can relate to it.. I WOULd love it if you could make a sequel!! I really enjoyed your story : )
This was a wonderful story. So yes please please please do a sequal