Wanting My Stepbrother (on hold)

Do you know how it feels to have feelings for your step brother? To want him, but to know he would never feel the same? How it hurts to see him with his girlfriend—the way he touches her, loves her, cares for her? The worst is to hear them having sex in the next room, only wishing it was you. I know that it’s wrong and that I shouldn’t, but … I fantasize about him touching me. Making love to me. Only me. I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. I want him. I want my step brother. Warning: Contains Sexual Content ;) (Rater R)
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But if it was her having sex with him she wouldn't think of herself as a slut? Her jealousy is effecting her judgment and it's not fair on Alexis?
I have three gay best friends and there like my world. its awesome but weird cuz they're constantly in a love triangle XD
I haven't grown a opinion yet but she likes fashion and most girls who like fashion are usually stuck up
Half brother is blood ( one parent is the same the other is different) step brother is if one of your parents remarries.
This bish is so careless. If it was me I woulda hid it so far maybe I'd forget where it is smh 
Oh shit I'm panicking. OMG in supposed to be sleep and I'm reading this story. Omg I have to read another part this is crazy

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