How To Tame A Bad Boy

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London Faye is a beautiful but bitchy 19 year old college student . She hates the popular, cocky Jaxon Cooper, who is always playing with the young girls hearts and then crushing them. Everyone in school loves him and it makes her want to rip his heart out and feed it to him. Her friend Kiana Yara being the very little pesky friend that she is, talks her into using her sexy good looks and bitchy attitude to turn his game around on him and try to tame this bad boy. She thinks her plan is going just the way that she planned, but what happens when he has a little trick up his sleeve as well. Who will play their cards right and make the othe person beg for mercy.
I'd be like "I'm just going to act like that never happened but say that agin and you'll die! Ok! Good."
Is she mad that he don't want her? She needa stop acting salty
None of my business ☕ someone needs to refill my cup of ice tea still
don't make me snap my fingers in a z formation 
head rotation
butt elevation
elbow elbow 
wrist wrist
ooh boy u just got dissed!
Francisco Lachowski 
Janis Danner 
Alex Pettyfer
Liam or Chris Hemsworth
Sean O' Pry
Or Someone like them
Matt Lanter is like '5"9 thoooooo... He's a shorty. He's cute though. I'm going to imagine Jaxon as Ben Bowers