Please Change This Monster Inside(BxB)

Edward has looked after his Little sister Anna for a long time now. Doin everything he could to support her at age 13. Even porn. He quit when he was 16 and became a prostitute. Now 21 he has kept this job for 5 years. It seems like a dead-end job that he just cant escape. With his abusive Ex-agent looking for him he needs to keep a low profile. But how can he when a older guy who's life revolves around the public eye gains an intrest and refuses to give up for his affection. Would Edward put his and Anna's peaceful life at risk for his own happiness (or lack there of). Edward is too wrapped up in his dirty proffesion so much it only seems like a hinderance if someone where to fall in love or him. A prostitue, his sister, a potential love and the struggle to happiness.
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ok. But r u sure u want to let me post it? I could just email it back to you and u could make sure its ok.

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