He Plays It Like He's A Superstar★ (A Mindless Behavior Sequel) [UNEDITED]

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After a long 4 months in Paris, the gang is heading back to the states for the 'Summer Love' tour. It's gonna be one scorchin' summer with drama along the way. On top of that, they're starting 10th grade! But what happens when your boyfriend hangs out with the wrong crowd and starts erasing your existence? Ask Jassie and Shay and they'll answer you clearly.
     *The Sequel To She Plays It Like She's NOT Mindless*
Did she ever find out wen prince kissed Biz or someone on the cheek?
me n ma twin iz on the 27 of december but my twin bro was born 5 minutes after Christmas passed n i was 7 minutes after him
i was lookin at the cast members and it said jassie brother was bow wow and in the other one was nick canon?
rewind rewind twerk rewind did he just say what i think he just said
plz read and comment on my book i love you roc royal story i didnt finish it yet because im waiting on comments
this used to be my book I read the whole series like 2 summers ago now I'm reunited with it and it feels so good