Interview Questions.

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imaginator1D By imaginator1D Updated 2 months ago


actmyagegirl actmyagegirl 5 days ago
I love your after series! I was wondering if you were going to keep going with the whole After thing or if you will stop it?
xCrazyLeprechaunx xCrazyLeprechaunx a month ago
Anna, if you were in Tessa's place, would you give Harry so many chances?
millemus5 millemus5 a month ago
Will there get an after 4? 
Or a least another fanfiction ... To was going to happen next!? I really hope so! You have helped me undestand a lot !!
laneybaybee laneybaybee a month ago
Will the published After 3 book elaborate a bit more about Tessa and Harry getting married in Vegas and what happens after that? Maybe an Epilogue?
HORAN1D23 HORAN1D23 2 months ago
when you are done with before will we know if  there is hessa babies it who liam marries ? etc.
Neila2001 Neila2001 2 months ago
How do you write so good. Like I read After and there all amazing, and the fact that you make them in a period of time is so amazing. Love you so much