The Warrior Prince

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Skylinger By Skylinger Updated 3 years ago
When the warrior kigdom of Zandell attacks Valeria quickly finds her fate in the hands of Prince Lothar;heir to the Zandel throne.Attraction is there but enemies from the past threaten to destroy them. A past Valeria knows nothing about.
vvgurl vvgurl 2 years ago
lololololol hwn i was going hrougt the hompage and found this book.... i was like this is  good story... then i relalized... HOLY SHOO MY ES VALERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anyways awesome story!!!
umadbro4 umadbro4 2 years ago
will everyone please lookup my new book warrior rising (book one of a three part trilogy) and give me tips on how to improve and your thoughts but it's my first time! thx
Any1canWrite Any1canWrite 2 years ago
This is very good! I'm going to check out your other works and hope you update soon!
AngelEyes202 AngelEyes202 2 years ago
This is a good book. Hey I'm new on here and need comments and votes! Just started my first book and need to know whether or not I should continue! Thanks a lot if you do read it!
lulz I read Obsession Of Dracula and ur just as good in this. I chose this one cuz my name is Valerie! whoop!
xXYourBestFriendXx xXYourBestFriendXx 3 years ago
This is great! I really love your stories! I'm reading six of them and can never wait for the next upload! Keep up the great work! Upload soon please!!!! XD