True Sex Stories

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hellothere_im By hellothere_im Updated 2 years ago
"I dare you to do a strip tease out there," i challenged.

She barely hesitated. She pulled on a few articles of clothing and i pumped some rap music on the car stereo. She took the clothes right of again, but in a notably more sensual manner. She was shaking her boobs and ass, and throwing each piece of clothing at me as she shed it. Finally, she was naked again, so she climbed back inside the car. We got back into the grove of kissing. I switched from her lips, to her tongue, to her neck, to her excited nipples. But I didn't stop there. I finished sucking her nipples and kissed my way down her stomach. I reached her close-cropped bush took a whiff of her scent. 

True Sex Stories that will drive you wild ;)
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