To Save My Daughter

Book One: Ava, a single mother; works hard to support herself and her daughter Grace. Ava is no different for any other mother in the world; she'd do anything to protect her child. What she thought was just a typical night at home, changed her life forever. After pleading with Grace to take out the trash, nothing in her life would be the same. Who would have thought that vampires were real.
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I like how you went into the action just like that, it really sets your story. A few mistakes here and there, but other than that. Bravo.
Very good chapter. Him using her daughter as leverage makes sense, it doesn't seem forced. I like your idea. Voted.
@Shattered_Violet okay I will spend my time focusing on that in my comments. Moving on...
A great chapter overall . The change in tenses got me a bit confused and there were some typos. A mother's POV is new and interesting to read.
@Shattered_Violet  it's ok, I didn't know this was an R rated story. I'm going to keep on reading. And I still thought the typo was worth mentioning :P
I really love opening to books that have those great action scenes and this chapter is diff. One of them!

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