Yes, I'm possessive but she's MINE!

I can’t believe I see my mate! She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I see her walking through town looking through store windows. I watch her long brown hair sway with the movement of her hips. I see those pouty red lips and the longing in her pretty green eyes. Once she’s my mate she'll have everything she could ever want. She walked around for about an hour. I followed and came to the decision that she’s mine. And she’s long overdue. By the end of the week she will be mine. I smirk to myself.
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if shes a werewolf then why dont she knows about packs and mates and stuff? is it because she was raised by a human?
Good start so far...the story is interesting from the very start. Good job! Thanks, Laura Heimrich.
i really like the way you swich povs, it helps understand what the characters are thinking!
Could you guys please check out my story Keep Dreaming, it would mean the world to me> :))))
I read the first two sentences. So she's only know Adam for a few weeks but he's been helping her move for a few months?
i loved it it had to read it twice tho to kinda undertsand what u were tlking about but i get it now dam i love ur writing

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