Mr. Heart Breaker is My Mate?

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_shishi1 By _shishi1 Updated 2 years ago
Danni is just a regular girl, naive and crazy and just fun to be around. The biggest jock in existence, Clayton, gives her his hoodie and she thinks it's just to score points with the rest of the female population, her being the only girl that hates him. Is it just to be nice or is it something more?
cllover32 cllover32 3 years ago
hi i promised i would read this story, and i really like it, it very interesting and it always seems to make me want to read more xx
NOOOOOOOO * whimper* Y YYYYYYYYYYYY GRRRR CLIFFHANGERS :'( Thnks for the dedication :)
IiShawtiiSwaggin IiShawtiiSwaggin 3 years ago
wow this z so goin 2 b interestin...luv it...upload now...weehee