Never Leave Me Alone

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ShyThoughts By ShyThoughts Completed
Life has never been very easy for 22 year old Anya Bates but with the past behind her, she is ready to make some changes in her life. It seems like she has it all, good looks, a brighter future, and men crawling at her feet. Just as life starts to get good, things slowly began to take a turn for the worse. Will Anya finally be able to let go of her past or will she have to relive the horror of her child hood.
ohh my gosh!!
cliffy/exciting ending but uh! he's such a u know what
11LiveLaughLove26 11LiveLaughLove26 3 years ago
wow good story! love the drama and the fighting.....Also I love the cast choice good job on that
awesome4evah awesome4evah 3 years ago
Oh god. So touching.
I'm about to cry right now.
Your writing's amazing. :)
Dashanel Dashanel 3 years ago
Wonder what happened to Maria. Her brother seems pretty nice
Gsquad Gsquad 3 years ago
@libradiva85 @iplusv Yes I agree with you both.  Very curious now to find out what happened with Maria.
iplusv iplusv 3 years ago
Oh goody, this looks lighter than the prologue =) 
I agree with @yb2468, it is intriguing..