Arranged marriage to an egotistic vampire... What could go wrong?? (SYTYCW)

Rose thought her life was alright.... Then she found out about the contract... Then she found out about the hot guy... Then she found out about vampires... But the worst part is his ego!!! But will she marry him as it says on the contract or will something happen along the way???
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is this... the future or something??? 21st century would make me like 100 years old...
*fiancé. Adding the extra 'e' makes it feminine. Sorry I had to comment on that.
Interesting spin on a tried and tested romance plot idea. :)
Check mine out if you have a chance - it would be cool to hear what you think.
wow this is excellent :) I voted :) and I think ill just add it to my reading list :) if its not already there :) and Ill reccomend it to everyone !!!
Hope you do well in the watty awards, you deserve to!!!!!  I certainly voted for you.
Couldn't stop reading once I had started:-). You should get this published.  Any more gems like this one? Keep writing. You've got a gift for it!!!!

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