Teen Wolf boyxboy one shots

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Directioner5340 By Directioner5340 Updated 2 months ago
Just a bunch of one shots about different guys from teen wolf getting together.  Super cute!
BG_Valentine BG_Valentine a month ago
Do you NOT care about the fact that he was in love with Alison and then she died? Gosh, you heartless people...
PinkDewDrops69 PinkDewDrops69 6 months ago
What did you just do to me I'm crying so damn much right now 
evanpetersboo evanpetersboo 11 months ago
i'm crying! my eyes are sweating..... i need tissues!!
 that. was. just. beautiful.
MultiColoredLines MultiColoredLines a year ago
why do you have to play with my feelings! couldn't Derek just puncture holes in Isaac's body so the wolfs bane wouldn't spread?