Being a mother is hard. This is for all the mums out there, who experience every hardship known. Rebecca knows all about suffering.
@RAWRitspenguin Wild Jewel, Mortal Enemy Immortal Lover or How Can I Keep Dancing...either of these three would be fantastic :) (Wild Jewel is my longest one so far)
                                    Each of these stories are Romance, but yeah, depends on which one may tickle your fancy :D
Remember to ask yourself "would a toddler really do this?"
                                    Again, you're going very fast in your story telling, and you need to slow down.
                                    A few spelling mistakes, but otherwise, good job :)
Straberry blonde hair? sure your not basing it on YOUR veiw of me??? xxxx
Yes, he's lovely sober, but it's the drunk part that worries me. This is nice. Sweet.
This is amazing! The first part made me cry a bit (I'm very emotinal). Upload soon! Voted!