Just a little love story (tyler posey and crystal reed) Short Story

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rayraykristine By rayraykristine Completed
This is a love story about Tyler posey and crystal reed and how they would fall in love if it were all up to me (:
Kailah_TeenWolf Kailah_TeenWolf 7 months ago
how do you make another part because I am trying to make my story
Ali_McCall Ali_McCall 10 months ago
Stiles! Stiles all the way! I completely love him! I love his moles too!
Bubbakins Bubbakins a year ago
Well, They paragraphs are really close maybe if you put maybe 2 spaces or 3 spaces in between to keep it more organised and readable.
FluffDatFluff FluffDatFluff a year ago
Hi! We are new to wattpad, we started yesterday. Could you check out your story please? Also I love the book, #STEREKFOREVERTHOUGH. :)
Bubbakins Bubbakins a year ago
Very good start to the book, but make more spaces between paragraphs it's really hard to keep up with where you're at. Other than that amazing!
kiani_lynnn kiani_lynnn 2 years ago
Is the story done? Or is there more to it? I wanna read more of this please!!! 
Love it :)