Doctor Manning a Short Story (Watty Awards 2011)

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Fraulein Burstner By AgathaChristieLover Completed
Short Stories
    Doctor Manning: A genetics counsellor facing ethical decisions whilst dealing with one of his most interesting cases. Will he cast professionalism to one-side and answer the woman truthfully? Or will he tell her what she wants to hear to bring her closure?
I am positive I have voted on this before but it is saying I have not so will vote again. The very best of luck for the Watty awards. ;)
@AgathaChristieLover Sure thing! PM me title, overview, possible tones and any ideas you have and I'll get to work right away!
@AgathaChristieLover I could do you a cover if you like? I make covers on request.
this is really interesting really something new. this could deff be a novel i like the doctor and how she smiles after she finds out about her dna its pretty cool. keep writing deff a reason why a watty award :}
I like it. It was interesting how I started out not getting the story but slowly understanding as I went through. Different which is good. Voted.
This is good but I have got to say that I was very confused for most of the story. I could figure out why she went to the doctor in the first place or why she got the DNA test or anything. By page 3 everything finally started to clicked. I liked your story.