I'll make you beg [BoyXBoy]

Bellador Alexander is exotic, he's sexy, he's cocky and he's spicy! He is also gay. The biggest gay player in the town of New Cyde. The boys fall at his feet begging to be his new toy. The girls beg for him to be straight even for a minute. They worship the ground his walks on because he is is their everything guy. All except Skylar Monroe. How is this possible? Bellador doesn't understand that's why he can't help but try to make this boy one of his many. Will he lose focus during his love game? Or will Skylar fall into his seductive trap? Let the games begin! Copyright ©2011-2014 colorfuldays. All rights reserved world wide.
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@okay_emily yaass!!! ive been thinking that since the beginning of the last chapter
because I naughty naughty..heyyy I'm Mr. simple

For some weird~reason I thought about SuperJunior 
I would be the person just there in the parking lot like "hey guy-.. Oh your just gonna eat each others face? I'm gonna go."
OH NU UH GURL! *moves my head around like what most gurls do when they get offended and want to fight or some crap. Dunno what its called.*

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