I'll make you beg [BoyXBoy]

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Bellador Alexander is exotic, he's sexy, he's cocky and he's spicy! He is also gay. The biggest gay player in the town of New Cyde. The boys fall at his feet begging to be his new toy. The girls beg for him to be straight even for a minute. They worship the ground his walks on because he is is their everything guy. All except Skylar Monroe. How is this possible? Bellador doesn't understand that's why he can't help but try to make this boy one of his many.
Will he lose focus during his love game? Or will Skylar fall into his seductive trap? Let the games begin!
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i read "i stared at the cockk hoping that it would ring......"
My class: 3 girls 7 boys 
The guys who try to bully me are actually scared of me
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the cockiest of them all,

That's right darling, that guy
Whoaaaa Kay XD XD That's something I've never read XD usually it's "their gazes angry and hateful and disgusted..." XD I LIKE DIS
That sounded evil in my head XD Demon voice for some reason.
No pants.... I mean I knew this guy thought that he was all that but seriously no pants!