All for Wade (Book 1 of the 'McKeadies' series)(Watty Awards 2011)

Abi is a single mom with a son named Wade, she would do anything to protect him. thats why she left home two years ago. Unfortinatly the life she made for herself wont stay the same for long. Her best friends, Noah, Massen and Kale. who are also her cousins, have to bring her home. Did I forget to mention that she is the Alpha's daughter? yeah Crazy shit is about to hit the fan. Can she brave her past and do whats best for her son? or will she do what she does best and run?
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well i started reading this becasue i was in need of something new and you defo sparked my intrest
im confused:< i thoughht wyatt was the little boy?!?! how does he have a brother?
I totally love Noah! this is sounding like a awesomer and awesomer story by the chapter!
cute story idea - I don't think i've come across any with single moms so far, can't wait to see how it plays out :D
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "holy flyin monkey's ass" thats the best line EVER! omg i luv this

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