My life is a Riddle(Tom Riddle falls for a mudblood?!)

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Alba:) By xXGlossyWaNdXx Updated 2 years ago
Tom Riddle is prepared to wipe out the entire race of mudbloods at age 16. But then comes along Aneline De'baunare, a mudblood herself. We all know about Voldemorts present and future....but how about his past? (Original book cover made by Lovevo7)(Current cover and current title created by wingedwolf)
I'm back to page one to read it all again no matter how many times I read it I never get bored :)
awesome, update! ive been waiting for 3 months xD 3rd time rereading this!
Wow. You've made me love the story in the first chapter! Brilliant! :)
Oh... *OCD is acting up*
                                    Reparo is for fixing broken objects, not healing................. did you reserch any of this? Im genuaely curious if you looked up anything or just went by your memory and imagination
@Joy_Pedler Thank you! the only reason Tom is a total asswhole is because his mother died because of his father, he killed his father for revenge and hated muggles because of it, and there also was the fact he had to grow up in that orphanage all alone
OMG! I cant wait to see what happens! This story is really unique and different from the other's I've read. Keep up the awesome work!