I Am The Other Girl

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Have you been the girl who destroys relationship? 

The one he cheats on his wife with?

The Mistress or Home wrecker?

Or even the third girl in a love triangle?

I am Four; and I allowed this guy to cheat on his wife with me because I am selfish; I also hope that maybe he’ll leave her and choose me.
This story's really something, title pa lang explosive na...
just another comment. sa story,,bakit may 'yaya' (nanny) pa? to show what? ( not-so-good pinoy style.) anyway,, i really love the story. keep it up girl.
so sad ng story...
i dont know whose the one i will blaming..
is it her bestfriend or his boyfriend..
maybe, BOTH.......
@cindyngo you don't have to be rude you know? Know some manners.
Gosh, I hate when I start reading and then the rest of the story are in Tagalog language... It sucks...most I found are like that. Half English and half Tagalog .
Aww. Ang sakit isipin na ang taong mahal mo ay inagaw ng ib9a at si b9estfriend pa ang nang agaw. hayy Ang buhay parang life :''(