Finally Accepted (Toby McDonough Fanfic)

Maddie is not very popular in school. Her only friend is Nikki so her school experience isn't very pleasant. Then there is the fact that her dad is gone and her mom can't stand her and only cares about her sisters life, making her home life a hell too. When she is taking a walk, and bumps into Toby McDonough from her favorite band Before You Exit, he automatically takes a liking to her. He wants to hang out with her and she thinks its too good to be true. She ends up meeting the rest of the band and when her mom decides to disown her, she's given the option to go on tour with Before You Exit. Will she take it and try to improve her relationship with Toby?
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You should call this FanFic 'Finally Accepted'.  I hope you like the idea(: if you chose it please give me credit though.  Thanks(: -Miriam xx

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