Crystal is taken from all she knows. School, family, friends, gone. And she hasn't even a clue where she is or how far away she is from home. And the man who has her is dangerous. Very dangerous.
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Love this book! Its sad but really good! Keep writing.. you got talent (: 

                                                Xoxo, Adriā™”
okay so this already weird cause im 12 and in the 8th grade & i skipped first grade & i have blonde hair wtf
read my story its funny XDDD http://www.wattpad.com/story/4136597-the-worst-day-ever
I like it you should make more soon I made a short story you should look at it it's called the life changing dream
im 13 and in 9th grade!! I was the same as her!!!! Thats the first ive ever heard of anyone like me :)
My friends told me to read this because it is amazing... And now that I see the comments I bet it is

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