Crystal is taken from all she knows. School, family, friends, gone. And she hasn't even a clue where she is or how far away she is from home. And the man who has her is dangerous. Very dangerous.
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DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CAR NOOOOOOO. ..... eh eh eh eh  loving this book so far.... its good really good yheaaaaa
Love this book! Its sad but really good! Keep writing.. you got talent (: 

                                                Xoxo, Adriā™”
okay so this already weird cause im 12 and in the 8th grade & i skipped first grade & i have blonde hair wtf
I would just stay away and if anyone asked I would say I have a stalker or a prevert watching me everyday. Xxxx
this is so weird, my little sister is twelve, starting eighth grade and im 14 starting high school lol
read my story its funny XDDD http://www.wattpad.com/story/4136597-the-worst-day-ever

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