[Published Book] Three Words, Eight Letters, If I say it, Will I be yours?

Now a published book under Summit Media. Php 195.00. English. Available in all bookstores nationwide. :) 3W8L Book 2 is divided into two parts, so there are two books under Summit Pop Fiction! <3
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grabe maganda un kwentong to . .
 not all story ends happily.
"three words"<3
done reading book 1 and 2.
Tagal ko tong hinanap ang book2 hehe.. Ngayon ko lng nakita.. Hahaha..   Nasira din kasi cp ko kaya ayun.. Heehe sensya.. Miss ko na si Kean At si Chanel..
i like this story f-time i read this is naka cry na c eyes affect my heart bkt kc nmtay c kean mlas
one of my favorite story :)) <3 thankie author for this story. malapit ko ng matapos Book 2 part 1 :))
grabe naman ung book 1 nito napaiyak talaga ako malapit a ako matapos  mamimiss kuh sila
another story to be added in my library. Hello co-readers! try to read my story din.

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