Arranged Marriage To My Boss (Completed/To Be Published)

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Yana By xMissYGrayx Completed
Iris Villafuente made a contract marriage after their company has been bought by her sexy, bipolar and dominating boss Zachary Levi Esqueza. During the arrangement she discovers that her boss is more than just a moody, irritating and bossy man. He has very disturbing past and a dark secret.  A past and secret that eventually will change her life forever.
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hiii! im a fan also of fifty shades of grey.. yumminess kasi si CHRISTIAN GREY hhhehehh peace
Why don't you do an English version? I like the idea of the book but i do not undestand you language!
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see??? ganyan dn ang fifthy shades of grey... hehe... my playroom... tpos c christian grey, he dont make love but he fucked hard... haha
tsss... showing na po ang fifthy shades of grey baka gsto nyo manuod
why? why it's not in English? it's in Tagalog and i don't understand.. =(
i beginning to like it. hope di ako madissapoint katulad sa iba nabasa ko na di ko tinapos dahil pumangit ang story sa middle.