Arranged Marriage To My Boss (Completed)

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xMissYGrayx By xMissYGrayx Completed
Iris Villafuente made a contract marriage after their company has been bought by her sexy, bipolar and dominating boss Zachary Levi Esqueza. During the arrangement she discovers that her boss is more than just a moody, irritating and bossy man. He has very disturbing past and a dark secret.  A past and secret that eventually will change her life forever.

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Roar_FearMe Roar_FearMe a month ago
** of this arrangement :) ( hope you don't mind the correction :) )
death_rose14 death_rose14 2 months ago
umpisa palang!!! as in sa introduction palang sabog na lahat ng story sa wattpad...MAGANDA talaga siya..idol na kita ms. author
death_rose14 death_rose14 2 months ago
nice po in... ZACH pedeng akin ka nalang!!!hehehhehe nice story po xMissXgrayX
thesorceress_otaku thesorceress_otaku 2 months ago
achuchu.. recommend ng friend ko maganda daw... agree na ako, start palang
SweetGhurl1 SweetGhurl1 2 months ago
WAAw ang ganda ng simula ano kaya ang wakas ^_______^ 

yeah but,....

waaaa Ms author bat parang konti nalang magkakahawig kami ng name sa character ng girl diyan? IRIS VILLAFUENTE yung aken ~ IRIS VILLAFUERTE eek coincidence XDX
AivieCominguez AivieCominguez 3 months ago
hahahahhhh i LikE ur MediA it's SeDucinG ur Bosss hahahahhhh ? i hope there's sc ../