Love, Lust and Alpha Mates

Tia is smart, sexy and single but joining her new pack brings her closer to her gorgeous best friend and her sexy new step brother.. both having alpha blood running through them makes them strong, dominant and controlling - but who is her true mate... and will they save her from her stalker ex...
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Ur either xbox or play station not both that would be backstabbing hint hint XBOX RULES
@nutnut_ you said warm burito I thought of a babys diper after a peas and carrot meal.... yuck
She thinks they were talking about the muffin when in reality they were talking/growling  about her...... I think :/
Tia say player ALOT XD Not complaining though, I like stories where the girls are tough, stubborn, cool, and possibly stronger then their mates!
@cjmadison like a warm puppy? Like a warm smoothie? Like a warm burrito? We shall never know...
I think Levi is gonna be her real mate bc u make them do more stuff and ur leaving out van.

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