Can You See Me Now?

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Crayzee By Crayzee Updated 3 years ago
The Winchester brothers are on another case, as demons have been on the rise lately.  They read about a girl who seems to have everyone around her die.  Deciding to go check it out, their plans unravel with they run into her in an unexpected way and she's a lot different than they thought she'd be...
Brittany666 Brittany666 18 hours ago
My first thought for the end of the chapter was 'well they took care of that, what's the next case.' But I know it's not taken care of.
ready-to-live ready-to-live 3 years ago
@Crayzee He's amazing. I will keep reading, and I have the feeling I'll love this story .
ready-to-live ready-to-live 3 years ago
@Crayzee I'm good thanks, you ? I've only read this chapter so far, but it's really good. I have one suggestion, lots of Dean please. He's amazing :D
HopeJohn HopeJohn 3 years ago
The plot summary you have is very clever "they run into her into an unexpected way" lol
ready-to-live ready-to-live 3 years ago
Awesome beginning. I'm so glad this came up on my recommended reads :) 
Going to read the rest now :D
I think it's a great start.  I would definitely like to see where this is going.