Can You See Me Now?

The Winchester brothers are on another case, as demons have been on the rise lately. They read about a girl who seems to have everyone around her die. Deciding to go check it out, their plans unravel with they run into her in an unexpected way and she's a lot different than they thought she'd be...
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I love this! A chick with purple eyes AND auburn hair! She's gotta be a bad ass :) also I love how it's just like watching an episode... but reading.... :)
@Crayzee He's amazing. I will keep reading, and I have the feeling I'll love this story .
@Crayzee I'm good thanks, you ? I've only read this chapter so far, but it's really good. I have one suggestion, lots of Dean please. He's amazing :D
The plot summary you have is very clever "they run into her into an unexpected way" lol
Awesome beginning. I'm so glad this came up on my recommended reads :) 
Going to read the rest now :D
I think it's a great start.  I would definitely like to see where this is going.

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