A True Thug Story

This book is based on Our Lives. Most of the Characters are real .. Aryanna is a Normal 15 Year old whose falling for a Drug Lord.. Well 2 . She also Has feelings for her bestfriend Jaquan ..Well she thought that was her bestfriend until he betrayed her for the Game.. How will she deal with this ?
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niice but no 1 talks like that in real life or gasses ppl up like that subconsciously. try bringinf it up less ...like that 
You can shut the fuck up and stop reading -.- not trynna be rude but "it's really annoying"
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omg..im soo into this story and jaquan sounds gorgeous..omg..i need to read more...
Okaayyy!! I Likee Dhiss :) Ctfuu.. Mahh Favoritee Part Wass Whenn You Was Talkinn About Demm Dreads.. :P

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