Pink Haired Triplets

Calliden (Cal) is diagnosed suddenly with cancer when she is 15. Luckily she's got two brothers that always have her back and know how to make her laugh. They're triplets, and closer than anything, and even cancer can't change that. Cal's not too sure if she likes how cancer is changing her dad, however. He's decided to step up and be a "good parent," a big change from the drunk, home-but-not-really-there type of guy he was just a few hours before she wound up in the hospital. Sure, it sounds great, a dad who's decided to be involved in her life, but Cal would rather just take care of herself. Then there's Alex, a fellow cancer patient who wants to help and feel sorry for her too, and Matt. Matt: a guy that seemed to appear straight from Cal's, dreams, announces that he likes her upon first meeting her. She likes him... but is not sure she likes the timing. (I'm not so great at summaries...)
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That's so cool!! I have the same type of leukemia, ALL, aka acute lymphoblastic leukemia!
The writing is very good, not noticeable grammar mistakes and it flows easily good job (:
Hey! I loved it!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!! Could u check out my story abandoned for life?
The writing is clear and concise. I like how the siblings' names are so similar, though it's a tad confusing in the beginning.
Keep up he good work!
There are a few grammar mistakes here and there. A proof-read once or twice would fix it, other than that its pretty good
Wow this is a very good start! Very descripitve and your writing style is very smooth! Voted*

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