Nerds: Vision Test

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Maryonette By Maryonette Updated a year ago
Seriously, what makes us outcasts in social circles? A pair of glasses? It seems as though wearing a thickly rimmed pair of lenses automatically shuns you into a group, whether you like it or not. Totally lame!  
    Sophie and Jenna, two quirky, eccentric best friends, are finally seniors at Ulysses Grant High! The year is bound to be great! They're now the cream of the crop! That is, until Jenna can’t seem to take the heat about being seen the way she used to be at school.   
    Sophie tries to remind Jenna that being seen as weird isn't a big deal, but in the mean time gets herself into more embarrassing shenanigans with the help of the school's terror, Bee Bee.   
    Unfortunately, Sophie gets a taste of too much ridicule, finding herself in the same, if not worse, self-conscious boat as Jenna, which leaves her with two options: taking the blows or leaving her own unique mark behind.
AHH I LOVE SMART CARS and my cousin/neighbor has one so hehe! lol
This is a very interesting and unique book and i love the way you've put a lot of detail into you writing :)
this so reminds me of easy A dont ask me why
                                     i see Sophie as Emma stone Jenna as Amanda seyfried and cameron as river viiperi loveeee
                                    *bows graciously*
                                    Credit where credit is due, m'lady. 
                                    Ooh, sorry, speaking in Shakespearian language.
                                    What I meant was you're awesome, I'm simply saying so. Stating facts, as it were.
This really is impressive.
                                    It actually made me laugh (trust me, that's hard to do).
                                    I really like your style of writing. It's...different.
                                    Well done!
That last sentence made me laugh. This was funny well wrote and didn't seem cliché, I like it! :D Good work!