Hunt or be Hunted

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He had it all; the popularity, good grades and caring friends yet Eric had a secret, a secret that would lead him into the wrong company and end up being blinded by love. Mr popular's best friend, Jake, is along side him all the way until a certain somebody begins to tare the friendship apart, leaving Erik isolated and love struck for someone who is a deadly killer. 
Being pushed aside, Jake begins to fight his own battles when demons arise and the male now has a choice. A choice to let his former best friend see a horrible fate or to save his life and put his own at risk. Dancing with the Devil is always going to have consequences but is Jake willing to sacrifice everything to save his closest friend? Read and find out.
Netshaly Netshaly 9 months ago
when people say capture the reader by the first sentence,  you did exactly that.  great job ..*continuing to read
xXcuriosityXx xXcuriosityXx 2 years ago
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Okay, so what the fuck is going on? Mood swings? Shivers of RELUCTANTS? What the fuck are you going on about woman?!!

I'm sorry for cursing, please forgive me! Bawls.
sayure sayure 2 years ago
Is the secret is that he's a were, that's what I think because of the category of this fiction but I don't know why I'm not sure.
xxDink6ltrxx xxDink6ltrxx 2 years ago
Nice chapter. Eww Jake why are you kissing her, I don't understand how ppl can just go and start randomly making out with someone.
JennieByrne JennieByrne 3 years ago
I got it wrong last chapter. Though Jake was going to be the one Erik was interested in but I see it's Sean now :) Great chapter :)
JennieByrne JennieByrne 3 years ago
This is cool :) I love the way you bring Jake's character in straight away, I hate all the waiting around so thanks! :)